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How to Expedite Data Analysis With Text Mining and Entity Matching Applications

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Sentiment analysis

Given the vast amount of data that exists within the digital universe, there’s a pressing need to analyze it. The International Data Corporation predicts that by 2020, the digital universe will contain over 40 zettabytes of data. While it does seem like a daunting task to analyze what amounts to 1.7 megabytes of new data per second for every person, there are solutions.

According to the International Data Corporation’s estimates, less than one percent of the data that exists has been analyzed. In order to analyze the remainder, which amounts to roughly 99%, text mining is a solution. When businesses use text mining software, it can be of benefit to them in three significant ways.

When it comes to documents and other vital sources of information, text mining can provide more accurate insights a

Learn More About the Benefits of Outsourcing Reliable Managed Serivces

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Managed services provider

There are, of course, different types of managed services available for businesses. While some companies may choose to have these types of services located in-house, more and more businesses are deciding to outsource in order to receive reliable managed services. In 2015 alone, for example, a survey showed that 66% of businesses chose to outsource their IT within the previous year.

The importance of enhanced security and compliance may be more obvious and essential for some businesses than others. When considering companies of all sizes, 38% cited these services as the primary reasons for their outsourcing to a managed services provider. Given the prevalence of security and data breaches, it’s possible that more and more companies will opt for enhanced protection through reliable managed serv

Digital Marketing Continues to Increase the Effectiveness of Many Campaigns

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Spatial data analysis

You are not sure that you want to see the geospatial data analysis services data that has been collected on you in the last month, but it might help you track how it is that you have blown through so much money during these weeks leading up to the holidays. Every time you are making a purchase it is well researched and often at a sale price. Even by looking for the best buys on the items that you want to get for your friends and family this holiday you have still spent a good deal of money.
As the holidays arrive, Americans tend to spend more and more money. From presents for grandparents to gifts for grandchildren, today more than ever the money that we spend during the holidays is ea

Choosing the Right Plotter Paper Solutions for the Best Results

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Plotter vinyl rolls

The outcome of inkjet printing is highly dependant on the quality of the printing media. There is a wide variety of plotter papers and are used various printing needs such as printing of maps, blueprints among other engineering and architectural uses.

Vinyl Plotter Paper
This is a common printing media commonly used for more exotic printing needs such as the production of banners. Vinyl plotting paper is an ideal material for making banners because of its excellent performance properties. It’s extremely durable and can withstand strong winds and heavy rains, making it an excellent outdoor advertising media.

Plotter vinyl rolls come in a range of sizes and texture to match specific printing needs. The material’s ability to hold on to color for such long period is another reason