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6 Ways to Speed Up Your Slow Internet Connection

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Hdmi highspeed cables

There are few things more frustrating than a slow Internet connection. In order to speed up your connection and not have to deal with slow screens, follow these quick and simple tips.

1. Check your plan

This may seem obvious, but not many clients know that there are different Internet speed plans they can purchase. If you are consistently reporting a slow connection, contact your provider as you may need to update your plan to fit your needs.

2. Reset your computer

Sometimes, there is just simply a faulty connection due to an overworked processing system. Try restarting your monitor and computer fully, and if the connection is fixed then you have found the solution. However, if the connection is only bad on one piece of equipment, your hardware can

5 Reasons to Consider an After Hours Answering Service

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Answering service telephone

American consumers put a high premium on good customer service. It is estimated that about 59% will switch to a different brand or company to get better customer service. Moreover, about 78% of consumers say that they have not gone through with a purchase because of the bad customer service that they received. When you add to that the fact that at last 61% of consumers in the United States say thy would rather get customer service on the phone, you can see how hiring an after hours answering service can be a good thing for your business.

  1. People want to make purchases on their own schedule. When someone has decided they want to buy something, they may not be willing to wait for regular business hours. When someone wants to make a purchase at night or on the weekend, Continue Reading No Comments

The Benefits of Recycling With Style An Ode to Personalized Recycling Bins

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Industrial laundry carts

Whether you’re running a state park, operating a convenience store, or making your living one industrial laundry cart at a time, bulk containers are no doubt part of your world. You probably don’t do a lot of thinking about the details that go into your bulk container – you have better things to worry about. Or do you? We believe, for example, that just accepting the recycling sticker from your town and slapping it on an old garbage can is a woefully missed opportunity to build your business. Here are a few reasons you should consider investing in custom recycling bins:
1. Custom recycling bins are a great branding opportunity. America is changing. People care about recycling more than ever befor

Increasing Your Technological Standards for Customer Satisfaction

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Av company

Everything that we do today involves technology in some way or another. Rapid advancements of technology have shaped the way we do pretty much everything, including communication, employment tasks, and even shopping. A business that wants to be successful in today?s technological world needs to have a strong internet presence. Without a strong footing in technology, they will lose connection with their technologically minded customers, which the population of these types of customers will only continue to increase as technology continues to advance even more. Commercial businesses can tap into their customer?s technological needs in a variety of ways.

Market technologically

The internet is an important platform for advertisement. Millions of people access the internet on a daily basis, making it a