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Looking to Improve Your Business? Technology May Be the Key

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19 rack panels

Did you know that, according to Forbes, an estimated eight out of every 10 American businesses fail? Running a business means being able to market your business and communicate with your customers and partners, while simultaneously offering the best product and customer service on the market. If you struggle with any one of those things, chances are your business will become just another statistic.

However, as The Houston Chronicle writes, there are a number of modern technologies that can transform a business from a struggling venture to a success story. These technologies, ranging from VoIP phone service to in-house network racks, can improve your communications, marketing, productivity, customer service, and so much more. Here’s how.

Three Modern Technologies That Can Revolutioniz

Three Marketing Tips for Investing in the Future of Your Business

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Benefits of a website

By now, every small business understands the benefits of having a website. And if the company has had particularly good luck driving traffic, it’s likely seen a boost in sales because of increased visibility in search engines. It’s estimated that over 82% of all Internet users depend on search engines for multiple aspects of their browsing experiences, after all.

But it’s 2014 now, which means we’re only a few years away from seeing a shift. Mobile marketing is poised to overtake traditional desktop (or laptop) browsing, according to plenty of recent studies. In 2012 alone, nearly a quarter of all search terms were entered via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Ad

Your Personal Text Messages Might Be Protected By HIPAA Rules If They Are About Medicine

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Hipaa messaging

If you have messaged regarding your medical treatment, you might have certain protections that you might not know about. These come in the form of HIPAA secure privacy laws. HIPAA secure texting can allow you to confidently send and receive the messages that you need to for your treatment.

Maybe you are wondering what exactly HIPAA is. HIPAA deals with how your personal health information is handled by all parties involved in the healthcare process. This is especially important when a hospital uses electronic devices to record your personal medical data. This involves a whole new set of procedures regarding HIPAA compliant emails and HIPAA texting. The Netherlands has a lot of experience with this a

Is Your Small Business Failing to Make a Splash Online?

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Custom web design prices

If you run a small business, you’ve no doubt seen the side effects of an ever more connected world. As more consumers come to exclusively rely on the internet for their goods and services, businesses, especially small businesses, have to find ways to adapt. As any internet marketing service can tell you, getting your company online can help you tap into the $1.5 trillion web users are expected to spend on eCommerce this year, as estimated by eMarketer. However, building a website and listing your products isn’t going to be enough. You have to learn effective internet marketing strategies if you want to succeed.

Four Small Business Internet Marketing Tips