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Three Reasons You Should Be Monitoring Your Children’s Internet Activity

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Internet safety tips for parents

Did you know that, according to a report from Yahoo! Safely, American children spend an average of 7.5 hours per day online? From Facebook to Youtube to the variety of online games now available for kids, it can be hard to pull your children away from a screen. If you can’t ween them off the web entirely, at the very least, you need to monitor internet activity to ensure that they aren’t putting themselves in harm’s way. Now, if you see that and ask yourself,”what’s the worst that can happen? Why should I monitor internet activity?” then read on. You might just be surprised about all the dangers facing your kids in cyberspace.

Three Reasons All Parents

Don’t Let Your Office Chair be a Pain in Your Back

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Office desk chairs

Many Americans are adopting a sedentary lifestyle. Probably largely due to the prevalence of technology, we’re spending more time sitting at work and at home in front of computer screens. This isn’t necessarily good for our health, and one of the most common complaints among Americans is suffering from back pain. About half of Americans who work report suffering back pain every year, and experts say that probably 80% of people will suffer back pain at least once in their lives. The solution to this is much easier than hiring a chiropractor or physical therapist or taking medication to deal with the pain. To avoid back pain, we probably just need good, large office chairs.
Treating back pain is big business. We spend about 50 million dollars per year treating it in the U.S., but we probably don’t need to. Th

Three Tips on Finding the Best Website Design Agency

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Internet advertising agencies

There is little doubt that online marketing is the trend of the future. Millions of dollars are spent annually on content marketing, search engine optimization, and revamping websites to make them mobile-optimized.

The reason for this is that billions of people scour search engines on a daily basis looking for information on products and services, or hunting for research about a topic. Search is the second most popular web activity, and a high ranking on search engines, one that lands a site on the first page of results, will guarantee that about 75% of users will view a company’s site.

Responsive website design is critical for today’s users as well, because more than half of all American have smartphones, and many of them use these devices instead of PCs and laptops to conduct their searches

The Benefits of Using HIPAA Secure SMS

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Hipaa messaging

Did you know that HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, was signed into law in 1996? HIPAA allows for the safe storage and transfer of medical information over mobile devices, and as more BYOD, or bring your own device, programs are implemented, the need for HIPAA secure SMS, or short message service, is growing. Fortunately, there are several benefits of utilizing HIPAA messaging, as this is an efficient way to protect the privacy of your patients.

1. Secure. Mobile healthcare applications are safe to use when they are compliant with HIPAA. This is because Title II of HIPAA establishes national standards for healthcare transactions that are comp