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Why Local SEO Matters–and How to Do It in 5 Easy Steps

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Search engine optimizers

Local search engine optimization is becoming an increasingly important part of growing your business—and for businesses with a brick-and-mortar establishment, it can even provide a greater bang for your buck than general SEO techniques (since your customers need to be in your physical area). But what techniques actually boost local SEO?

What are Local SEO Citations?

One of the most important factors Google takes into account when listing local results are local citations. Citations are simply a listing of your business’ name, address and phone number (NAP). Google uses these to determine which businesses are most influential, assuming that if there are quite a few references to a company, it deserves to be ranked more highly. A partial citation, containing only one or two o

Build a Stronger, More Productive Relationship with Your SEO Team with These Simple Ideas

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Local seo strategies

A cursory search for “search engine optimization strategies” in Google will net you 35.7 million results in an instant. There are articles detailing the painstaking efforts you have to make to perfect your approaches to content marketing, local SEO strategies, and more.

What if you don’t have the time or the talent to implement these tips? What if, instead, you need to work with SEO company services to grow your brand recognition and thrive in the digital age? You’ll have little trouble tracking down reputable SEO company services, but you’ll find little on the topic of building and maintaining a mutually benefic

Two Reasons to Use a Business Telephone Answering Service

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Telephone answering service

More than 60% of Americans prefer over-the-phone customer service. This means that whether you want to improve your current customer service model or completely revamp it, business telephone answering services are able to help. Small business answering services are beneficial in a variety of ways, as they will drastically improve your customer service capabilities.

- All customer inquiries are handled. One of the main reasons to utilize professional answering services is that they will handle all customer questions and complaints. This means that whether a customer had a bad experience with your product or has a simple question that must be answered, a live telephone service will offer this assistance. This is beneficial because it makes your customers feel more valued, and when this happens, p

Facebook Users Can Read Mark Sanford’s 2,000+ Word Rant About His Most Recent Breakup

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Social media florida

We have all seen it, and we have all cringed while — more likely than not — reloading our Facebook news feeds to see if anyone has commented on it. What is “it?” It is the status or Facebook post that is so personal it’s embarrassing… or delightfully entertaining, depending on your perspective. While it can certainly be a big deal when one of our relatives or friends doesn’t know where to draw the line on social media, it can be downright disastrous when a public figure, organization, or business makes that same mistake. Soon, South Carolina Congressman Mark Sanford may face the consequences of oversharing on Facebook.

Sanford’s Facebook Breakup Raises Eyebrows

“In the rambling Friday afternoon Facebook post, Sanford announced how he plans to deal with bein