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Archive for September 13, 2014

Facebook Users Can Read Mark Sanford’s 2,000+ Word Rant About His Most Recent Breakup

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We have all seen it, and we have all cringed while — more likely than not — reloading our Facebook news feeds to see if anyone has commented on it. What is “it?” It is the status or Facebook post that is so personal it’s embarrassing… or delightfully entertaining, depending on your perspective. While it can certainly be a big deal when one of our relatives or friends doesn’t know where to draw the line on social media, it can be downright disastrous when a public figure, organization, or business makes that same mistake. Soon, South Carolina Congressman Mark Sanford may face the consequences of oversharing on Facebook.

Sanford’s Facebook Breakup Raises Eyebrows

“In the rambling Friday afternoon Facebook post, Sanford announced how he plans to deal with bein