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Archive for October, 2014

3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Selling a Broken Laptop

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Sell dell laptop

There are many opportunities out there to sell old laptops for cash. At first glance, this seems like a completely positive opportunity: you get to trade outdated or broken laptops for a cash payout, getting paid for something that’s essentially useless. But there a few pros and cons to consider. Ask yourself these questions to determine if it’s the right move for you:

  1. Is the Laptop Still Working?

    If your laptop is still working, then it’s very important you uninstall all the programs and delete all the files. But since deleting a file often doesn’t actually permanently delete it, there’s still some risk of someone accessing your files.

Three Major Benefits of Using a Mobile Satellite Communication System

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Radios for remote construction sites

There have been a number of new technologies developed over the last couple of decades meant to improve one thing: human communication. The internet, cellular phone technology, global positioning satellite systems — all of these exciting and constantly evolving technologies help keep us in touch with the world, whether we’re at home or circumnavigating the globe.

Some of the best communications technologies are those based on global mobile satellite systems. That’s why oil companies use mobile communication systems based on satellite tech to connect their drilling operations, many of which are located in the most remote parts of the world. Likewise, adventure seekers climbing