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NASA Begins Assembling and Testing New Planet Explorer

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Leak testing procedure

In November 2014, the European Space Agency’s Rosetta project successfully landed a rover on a comet after more than two decades of research. The mission’s success thrilled millions around the world, which has seen less emphasis on space exploration as nations like the United States have tried to trim their budgets by decreasing aerospace investments. For this reason, it is exciting to learn that the Rosetta project is only the most recent mission to help expand our knowledge of the solar system: reports show that NASA is currently preparing for a March 2016 excursion to Mars.

Called the Insight Mission, which stands for “Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport, the project’s team describes their work as more than your average trip to Mars: they are building a

3 Tips for Designing the Perfect Calendar for Your Clients

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Nyc banner printing service

Calendars are a classic holiday gift companies can give to clients, and custom calendar printing can even ensure that these gifts become effective marketing tools, as well. But how can you create a calendar design your clients will be proud to hang on their office walls? Here are three things to consider while designing or working with a professional graphic designer:

  1. Consider Your Audience

    The greatest challenge in designing a calendar is finding a theme that will appeal to all your clients. The digital printing techniques used for much custom calendar printing can allow you to create more than one design inexpensively, but this

Three Essential Online Tools to Help a Business Grow

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Professional website design and development

Any company that doesn’t have a website is likely to struggle to attract new customers. Bringing in new customers helps a business grow, and it helps to build long lasting relationships with a strong customer base. For companies that want to increase sales and attract more customers, having an online presence is essential. For those businesses that have not yet started to utilize the Internet, here are three important steps to take to help get them there:

  1. Custom Website Design and Development – Creating and maintaining a website is a necessity for any business that wants to connect with consumers in the digital age. Websites should be professional, attractive and appropriate for the nature of the business. It is important for a company to make sure th