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The Numbers Behind Online Advertising and Marketing

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Digital advertising agencies

Marketing and advertising campaigns have come a long way in recent years (thanks to the rapid rise of things like wireless technology, mobile devices, and social media websites) — and nearly everyone has their own idea of what makes up an effective advertising and marketing plan for internet users. But take a look at the numbers below; they might just change the way you think about online advertising and marketing.

1742: The year that the first American magazine advertisement appeared. It showed up in Benjamin Franklin’s General Magazine and it was clearly pretty successful — up until quite recently, magazine and newspaper advertisements were incredibly influential. These days, Continue Reading No Comments

The 5 Worst Mistakes to Make in Professional Web Design

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Website specification

When you as a business owner or manager hire a professional web designer, it’s presumably because you want your website to look professional enough to draw in customers or clients. But sometimes, even professional web design companies get it wrong. That means it’s in your best interest as a client to educate yourself on the basics of website design and marketing so you can look out for some red flags. Here are the five biggest website design mistakes you should never see on your site:

  1. Being Desktop-Centric or No

Why the Healthcare Industry Depends on Pharmacies, and Why Pharmacies Depend on Technology

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Pharmacy point of sale software

It’s easy to forget that in the world of medicine and pharmaceuticals, the average small town pharmacy is really what’s supporting the entire industry. If you run an independent pharmacy and you don’t believe it, consider these statistics:

  • Over 75% of all medical appointments involve some sort of treatment or therapy with prescription medications.
  • At any given time, nearly 50% of all Americans have used at least one prescription medication within the last 30 days.
  • In just one year, researchers found that doctors and pharmacies prescribed over 2.6 billion prescription medications to patients after they had visited with a doctor.

Ultimately, consumers and doctors alike are incredibly dependent on their local pharmacies. And pharmacies, in turn, are becoming increasingly

Three Reasons Why Outsourcing Electronics Manufacturing is Great For American Business

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Electronic product manufacturing

For American companies, some of the most difficult challenges in today’s age involve the growing costs of facilities, equipment, labor, and training. Investing in these entities requires a lot of capital, and American businesses often find themselves in a bind when providing for them. Although American manufacturers would prefer to keep their factories inside the country, the fact remains that the benefits of contract manufacturing far outway the benefits of in-house production.

Particularly in the electronics industry, outsource electronics manufacturing offers considerable advantages. Advantages of electronics manufacturing include reduce costs of equipment, facilities, raw materials, and labor. Manpower and training are also much easier to budget with electronics contract manufacturin