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Symmetric vs Asymmetric Encryption Codes and File Transfer Services

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Easy file transfer

The need for safe and secure file transfer services has never been more pressing in the United States. The past few years have seen several high-profile cases of cyber hacking and data loss. Target, Home Depot, J.P. Morgan, Sony Pictures, and even United States Central Command (CENTCOM) have had either their social media profiles or private data hijacked. In 2011, for example, an astounding 535 cases of data breaches were reported in the U.S., resulting, among other things, in more than 30 million private consumer records being stolen. Two years later, 47% of businesses lost data in their cloud services (some of which, one can assume, are the same companies that had their data stolen in 2011). Despite recent commitments to improving c

Data Loss Prevention Solutions Protect Your Business’s Privacyand Your Clients’

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What is pgp?

Data loss prevention solutions are a serious component of nearly any business. Nearly all businesses have some kind of digital data storage system in place, from the smallest retail store to the largest multinational corporation. Unfortunately, many businesses in the United States and beyond are underprepared for the latest cyber threats. Over the past year, huge, billion-dollar companies such as Target, Home Depot, and J.P. Morgan all had massive amounts of data hacked, including, unfortunately, customer data. The most publicized incident of hacking happened to Sony Pictures, in which large amounts of data were stolen right before of the studio’s scheduled release of the controversial movie The Interview.

In fact, it is thought that up to 70% of businesses will lose data of some kind due to neglig

New Program Helps Physicians Utilize Biobanking Research to Treat Cancer Patients

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Biobank software

Today, most people are aware that biobanking is a huge presence in the medical world, with thousands of doctors and researchers relying on the samples in their freezer inventory to yield new data and potential therapies. However, with such vast quantities of information in so many different locations, it is naturally a challenge to use biobanking software effectively. After all, with thousands of samples listed in every freezer inventory, how can researchers be sure their information is reaching the world in a timely manner?Fortunately, thanks to new Continue Reading No Comments

Search Engine Optimization Bringing the Attention You Want With the Click of a Button

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Marketing and advertising tips

As any authority on website design and Internet ad agencies will tell you, digital media marketing is going through some significant changes. The Internet, of course, changed the way advertising is done. The Internet’s wide reach enables marketers to spread ads in places and with speeds never thought possible as early as 25 years ago. Now, nearly all businesses in the U.S. and many around the world have some kind of an online presence. Of all the features of the World Wide Web, however, none are quite as ubiquitous as search engine sites. Googl