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Three Things Everyone Needs to Know About IT Managed Services

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Laptop repair services

Nearly every company currently in operation relies on computer technology to perform its everyday operations with ease. And to make sure these computer systems run as efficiently as possible to foster an environment of productivity, companies often keep an IT department staffed with full-time professionals.

Think about the cost of keeping your own company’s IT department fully staffed. What if there were another way to get the help you need with your computers when you need it, without the costs of staffing an entire department of employees? This is where IT managed services providers — who offer their services on a subscription basis — come in.

Cost savings are just one of the many advantages that IT managed services providers offer to enterprises. Here’s a look at a few other benefits and

Three Important Definitions for File Transfer Services

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Authentication vs authorization vs access control

Being able to transfer large amounts of data isn’t just something that businesses should be doing — it’s something that every business needs to do, and they need to have a way to transfer this data without worrying about the security of the file itself, or even the security of the larger network. File transfer services today provide the safest method for sending and receiving data — but despite being widely used today, many of these services still sound so confusing that many businesses simply forego investing in a data transfer service.

To help you out a little bit, here are three popular terms used in the data transfer industry, along w

The Many Benefits of Automated File Transfer Software

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Easy file transfer

The advent of computers has completely revolutionized the ways in which people communicate, work, and even heal. While all of these areas, and more, have experienced significant technological advances, the entire employment industry has undergone quite a “facelift” since personal computers made their debut.

Just imagine a typical office back in the day. Most likely, the image in your mind is an office space brimming with file cabinets and paperwork. Lots and lots of paperwork. While paperwork — especially important documents such as new hire paperwork and tax documents — are still very much apart of a company’s business operations, many company’s now take advantage of electronic storage.

Electronic storage has a variety of benefits, perhaps most evident is the decrease in clutter and b

How the Internet Has Affected B2B Transactions

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Conversion rate optimization agency

The industry of B2B transactions has been around for quite some time (even if there wasn’t a catchy phrase referring to transactions between two businesses), but — for better or worse — the internet has really changed the industry in terms of marketing, reaching buyers, and edging out the competition.

In an April 2015 article, Business 2 Community states that B2B buyers now conduct research on anywhere from 60% to 90% of products before even contacting the vendor about a possible sale — meaning that a huge portion of sales are influenced by factors that seem to be out of the vendor’s control. Perhaps the vendor has a great sales team that can convince any potential client to purchase a product or service, but unless that information and enthusiasm is presented to p