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Are you Looking for a New Web Design Firm?

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Think back to high school yearbook staff. Remember coming up with a theme for the year’s book? The cover design, the division page copy, the t-shirts, the sales posters. The best staffs even went so far as to develop small folios that could be placed by each page number. A constant reminder of the theme of the book. Effective branding tips for a company are kind of like that.
In the consumer driven world that we live in it is often the effectiveness of branding that enables the most successful companies to get and keep their customers. As more and more businesses spend money on search engine optimization and other web marketing techniques, the most successful companies find a way to literally brand their company’s image or logo into the minds of their current and potential customers.

Is Your Computer Infected With Spam? Millions of Viruses Circulate Daily

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Many Americans have the digital equivalent of a ticking time bomb in their homes: shockingly, nine out of every 1,000 computers are playing host to malware, viruses, and other forms of spam.

A virus may infect the owner’s computer and lay dormant for months or even years. Then, either upon the hacker’s command or at a pre-arranged time, the embedded virus or malware becomes active, destroying the computer from the inside out.

In an effort to reassure potential customers of their network security management, many small businesses are putting their clients’ data into remote computer servers called “The Cloud.”

By renting server space from cloud computing providers that often provide internet security, small businesses can save time and avoid the costs associated with onsite computer