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Archive for February, 2016

Three Ways that Online Marketing Can Completely Change Your Business

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Expert seo services

Any successful business these days has an online presence. Whether a restaurant, a retail store, or a law firm, having a website is a must. Potential clientele will visit your website to find out what your hours are, your location, and your contact information. However, having a website is no longer enough.

2014 was the first year that more American’s used their smartphones and tablets to access the internet than they did their laptops or desktop PC’s. Much of that access was through the use of mobile apps. One out of every four online searches now take place on mobile devices.

If your business does not have an attractive website, a blog, a online review site presence, and a social media site, you run the risk of falling behind. If your competition has a mobile app and your business does not, t

It’s Not Too Soon To Plan For Retirement

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Investment management

It?s not too soon to think about retirement planning. A career can fly by in a flash, especially one spent in service to others, such as education or health care. But studies show that one in five people who are nearing retirement age have no money saved. It?s not always easy; even with a job that provides a retirement benefit package, there are 20% of full-time government workers are not participating in a plan. In fact, recent studies by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show that only 53% of the civilian workforce has a retirement plan.

But participating in a 401(k) or 403(b), although it is the most common savings vehicle and used by 44% of the people asked in a recent survey, is not the only method of preparing for your post-career life. Investing your finances with the help of a financial

Social Media Helps Your Customers Find You

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Web development companies seattle

For small to medium businesses, having an effective online presence is increasingly important. The operative word here is effective. Websites should be SEO friendly and optimized for mobile devices in order to stand out in the ruthless world of search rankings. Search rankings determine the visibility of your business to potential customers, and hence of the number of potential and actual sales. Luckily, to succeed in the world of Internet marketing, you don’t have to try and master the arcana of search algorithms yourself. You don’t even have to hire a new staff of web developers. Working with specialized SEO consultants can ensure the best results for your web design and social media presence.

Helping your customers find you online
The success of social media st

Change Your Practice For The Better With New Billing Software

Written by admin on . Posted in Mental health billing services, Mental health software reviews, Therapist billing services

Mental health software

Are you a behavior health or mental health therapist looking to make the billing in your practice more efficient? Perhaps you are just now breaking out into your own practice and want to understand what is out there for your industry. If so you’ve come to the right place. Below are a few helpful items to keep in mind when evaluating a new type of billing software:

1. Data Breach Protection - As a health care professional you know better than anyone the importance of confidentiality. Having a data breach at your practice could be detrimental to your patients and you. In fact, the 2014 Data Breach Investigations Report produced by Verizon showed that within healthcare, nearly 10% of all breaches involved point-of-sale and billing systems. With the new enhancements to behavioral heal