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Grain Bins Are Essential for the Country’s Food Supply

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Construction services

Agricultural building services cover everything from agricultural irrigation systems to grain handling and storage facilities. Agricultural construction services include grain bin construction, farm and elevator grain systems, small irrigation systems, agricultural steel buildings, grain dryers and complete grain handling systems. These provide equipment and infrastructure for the farmers of the Midwest and across the country.
Grain bins are typically used to store corn, wheat and soybeans. The construction of grain bins and grain handling systems is a highly specia

The Future is very Bright For the Non Destructive Tessting Market

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Ndt services

There is no surprise that in this economy some of the best investments are going to be new technologies, but recent market studies are showing that an old favorite is primed to make big gains in the next six years. The kicker is it is something that you are very familiar with

There is good news for investors in the non destructive testing market. According to new market projections the non destructive testing market is expected to hit record highs. New projections are estimating that the NDT industry is slated to reach about $11 billion by the year 2022. The estimated rate of growth per year is estimated to be just over 8% for the years leading up to 2022.

What is Non Destructive Testing?

Non destructive testing (NDT) is a process that involves in which the testing,

Digital and Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing

As a business owner or manager, the importance of marketing and use of social media and internet marketing is very clear. There are many ways to advertise, but some methods are more useful than others. For example, in 2015 content marketing generated 3 times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing, but costs 62% less. Utilizing the right methods for your business is essential. Only 12% of businesses feel that they have an optimized content marketing strategy, even though 71% of businesses created more marketing content in 2015 than they did in 2014. Other significant aspects for an internet marketing company to pay attention to is the layout, ease of use and accessibility. When the Nielson Norman Group wrote a report called “How Users Read on the Web” directed at marketing companies they sta

The Three Types of Virtual Receptionist to Avoid

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Doctors answering service

Small business owners are well aware of the importance of good customer service. Those who must work to lure new customers and retain those they have do not need the exact statistics to understand the importance. They may not know that businesses that prioritize customer service outperform competitors that do not by 60%, but they do know that their business depends on customers coming back.
The result of this knowledge is the desire to enhance the customer service experience wherever possible, leading to the creation of the live telephone answering service, or virtual receptionists. The value to a business owner of having a professional available to answer the phone for customers, provide i