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Archive for November, 2016

Four Easy Ways to Protect Your Gmail Account

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Google drive backup

If you are a human and have heard of email, you probably have a Gmail account. As of February first, there are over one billion separate Gmail accounts in the world. Gmail is the thing that binds all mankind together. Gmail is easy to use, serves as a digital personal assistant, and makes collaboration and data storage a piece of cake, giving you access to your life’s work anywhere that you have access to the cloud.

Google is generally ahead of the curve when it comes to security to protect the data you entrust them with, but it is not infallible. Gmail has been impacted by hacking and compromised data once or twice. This is why we cannot stress enough how important it is for you to setup your own Gmail recovery plan. Your Continue Reading No Comments

Benefits Of Hotels Software

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Technology in hotel rooms

Technology is changing at a rapid pace, and more and more business practices are being affected than ever before. The hospitality and tourism business is certainly one that has been greatly improved by the use of hotel management system software and online technologies.
What does hotels software do? It is used for reservations, booking rooms, checking in and out, guest services such as meals and spa visits, staff management and more.

Hotels software can be integrated immediately, no matter your business model, size, or management style. Hospitality software companies design hotel management solutions to be adaptable to a variety of needs. Simply put, hotels software is built in a set of modules, each

5 Tips for Hiring a Good Web Designer to Help Your Company Grow

Written by admin on . Posted in E commerce, E-commerce web design, Magento websites

Magento web design

Having a good web design is what is going to put you on the map in the e commerce world. In order to make sure that you are going to be able to attract the right audience and retain customers, your online presence should be a positive one. There’s nothing worse than setting up your e-commerce web design, only to have it not impact your company in any way. When this happens, it’s usually because the web development wasn’t done properly. Sometimes, yo

The Basics of the Rotomolding Process

Written by admin on . Posted in Custom plastics fabricators, Custom rotational molded plastic product developme, Custom rotomolded parts

Custom rotational molded plastic product developme

Many plastic products are made by the use of the process known as rotational molding or rotomolding. It is a great way to manufacture everything from custom recycling bins to ping pong balls. It is a great process to make any plastic products that are hollow. This is a very versatile technique to cast plastic products without using any pressure in the process.

Because of the lack of pressure involved, the process of custom plastic rotational molding can be used to make a wide variety of plastic products for a lot less money. Creating molds for custom recycling bins or plastic Continue Reading No Comments