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Archive for February, 2018

Dispensing Solutions for the Solar Energy and LED Industries

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Meter mix dispensing

A wide range of manufacturing industries, including automotive, electronics aerospace and military, and general manufacturing use resin dispensing equipment and pump systems. The materials dispensed include epoxies, silicones, acrylics, polyurethanes and adhesives. The types of meter mix dispensing systems can range from simple table-top machine to complex engineered solutions. Metered pump dispensers include various types such as piston metering systems and vacuum encapsulation for degassing. Dispensing Systems are finding new applications in the LED lighting and solar energy industries.

6 Things Every Business Can Do to Improve Their Cybersecurity

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Endpoint security solutions

Many companies do not realize how big the threat of cybercrime is to their business. By some estimates, the costs of this kind of crime should reach $6 trillion a year by 2021. From finding better endpoint security solutions to using more common sense, there are things companies can do to increase their cybersecurity plans and keep their systems more secure.

  1. Make sure people are careful about what emails they open. This can come from Cybersecurity 101 but it is important enough to mention. There are a lot of fishing and spam email out there that looks legitimate. By this point, most people know that the email from the Nigerian royal family is no

When To Utilize An Outplacement Consulting Service

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Executive search consultant services

When it comes to hiring the right person for a job, conducting a thorough search is important. After all, you want to hire the right candidate, the person who is the best fit before the position itself as well as the culture of the company. Though this can be a difficult task, without attention to detail regarding new hires, companies are more likely to have a lower employee retention rate. Fortunately, places like a job placement agency in conjunction with an executive search consultant can be instrumental to finding the right person for the open position. In fact, without an executive search consultant working to find the best candidates for the job, companies and businesses might run into trouble with their new employees.

Unfortunately, job retention is a problem in the United Sta

What is Workforce Management Software?

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Payroll management system

What is workforce management software, and how is it helpful to businesses?

What is it?

This software is a form of workforce management tool that allows businesses to automate important aspects of HR so that things like scheduling, data collection, vacation and leave management, and task assignments, among other things, can be efficiently planned. It helps a business to manage staff scheduling, offer more benefits, avoid outsourcing accounting tasks, and remain in compliance more easily. This type of workforce management tool is good for both employees and for the company.

How Necessary is it?

One recent study found that half the organizations in the United States had compliance issues in the last year. Continue Reading No Comments