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3 Benefits of Low Field NMR Spectrometers

Written by admin on . Posted in Benchtop nmr spectrometer, How much does a benchtop nmr cost, Process nmr

Many industries rely on nuclear magnetic resonance or NMR as one of the best analytical methods. Nuclear magnetic resonance was first demonstrated by the team of Felix Block and Edward Mills Purcell in 1946. In 1952, these two individuals would win a Nobel Prize for their efforts. It was also during the 1950s, in which the first types of commercial spectrometers became commercially available. Since this time, NMR spectrometers have been used for many purposes. With that in mind, here are three benefits of using NMR spectrometers.

  • Observing Live Cell Functions

    Many low field NMR spectrometer applications involve observing the behavior of cells. Since low field NMR doesn’t cause sample damage, you can watch these behaviors take place in real time. This allows lab employees to observe activity that other types of research equipment simply can’t provide.
  • Protecting the Condition of Samples

    It’s important to ensure that