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Reduce the Cost of PCB Manufacturing and Assembly

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Low volume pcb assembly

In 1995, a little over 50 years after the introduction of PCBs, they became a $7.1 billion industry for the first time. Just 5 years later in 2000, they became an over $10 billion industry, and since 2012 have reached over $60 billion worldwide. Before PCB design software was introduced, printed circuit boards were designed using clear Mylar sheets, up to four times bigger than the circuit board itself, on which designers would create a transparent photomask of the proposed design.

Turnkey PCB assembly has made professional PCB production and assembly much more efficient. The advent of machine-assembly for any size orders means that shops can assembly PCBs in a fraction of the time i

Tips for Meeting Strict PCB Printing Deadlines

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Quick turn pcb assembly

Do you require a fast PCB prototype service? The entire PCB fabrication and assembly service usually requires a significant amount of time, including design, implementation changes, and then production and printing services. However, some projects call for quicker turnaround times of circuit board assembly. The following techniques will speed up the entire process and ensure that you are able to meet strict time constraints of your printed circuit board production.

Complete the design process prior to manipulation
One of the longest parts of the PCB design process is the constant manipulation of the printed circuit board. The entire process usually requires constant changes and