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How to Build Your Brand and Drive Sales With a Digital Agency

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Are you satisfied with your business’ current conversion rates? Data from 2016 indicates that just 22% of the participating businesses were satisfied with their’s. Of course there are a variety of factors that can potentially influence these rates. Econsultancy, for example, reported that having a positive user experience is at the top of the list with 95% of the individuals that visit websites.

How Website Design Influences Customer Opinion

First impressions do matter. Both Northumbria and Sheffield Universities gathered data that underlines this, particularly where website design is concerned. According to their combined research, 94% of users indicated that a website’s design influenced their first impression of a business. When companies use professional web development services, however, their chance of making a positive first impression is increased.

How Mobile-Friendly Websites Influence Conversion Rates

Many consumers will conduct Internet research

Digital Dreams How to Start a Successful Online Business With Three Simple Factors

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Responsive web design

Throughout the course of human history there have been moments of inspiration which ultimately redefined the very way we live our lives; this includes everything from indoor plumbing to the automobile. The ease at which we can access the internet has allowed us to tap into such a wide source of information at unprecedented levels — it would nearly be an understatement to say that our lives have been changed by the internet. Businesses too have utilized the net into their sales strategies to great effect; every 30 seconds it is estimated that e-commerce generates another $1.2 million. Two out of five global internet users have bought products or goods through the net making it the single largest marketplace on planet Earth.

Optimizing Your Webpage

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