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The Benefits of a Digital X-Ray

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Composite analysis

Getting an x-ray is no longer a big deal. You lay down, they take a picture, turn you, take a picture, turn you, take a picture and immediately the images process on the computer screen. In fact, it can be as fast as 30 frames each second. The first x-ray machine took hours to receive the data for just one scan or what is called a ‘slice’ involving metrology. Then, it would take several days to reconstruct an image from the raw data. Nowadays, x-ray systems can collect up to four slices of data is approximately 350 milliseconds and the reconstructing can be done in less than a second. It really is amazing how far technology has come.

Now that you have a little

Why CT Scans Are No Longer Simply Medical

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Cone beam ct scanning

Since the early 2000s, Americans have lost the sense of the security they had in a pre-September 11 world. Although the United States remains a relatively safe country compared to others, there are serious reasons why people would feel insecure, and not all of them come from abroad, though 73% of Americans already feel less secure due to military budget cuts. Many schools and workplaces have recently installed metal detectors in their buildings, and x-ray inspection is something that every frequent flyer is used to by now. However, there are further measures that can be and are being taken to prevent security breaches, and they involve equipment that may surprise some.